About O&K JAW'S

Established in 1976. O&K JAWS is a specialist manufacturer of car accessories. In 1997, O&K JAW’S became the first Taiwan car accessories factory to be ISO 9002 certified. In 1990, we became the OEM supplier of Taiwan Honda and Ford automobiles.

For the past 40 years, we are dedicated to innovation, and we have become a professional manufacturer in auto tuning and electronics, carrying over 400 items, Our categories are included phone holder, phone charger, windshield wiper stand, headrest hook and hangerm, car organizer, car air purifier, door guards, pedal, antenna, rear view mirror, key holder, seat belt clip, and non slip mats.

Our products are sold in many countries all over the world such as USA, Europe, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Kuwait,… and listed in best-selling product on Amazon and Alibaba.

Our company's quality management system won the ISO 9001 quality assurance certification and we have owned positive reputation, insist on not using re-grind resin and keep close control of product quality, provide you the best customer service with helpful and earnest attitude.

Brand Introduction

At O&K JAWS, we take brand seriously. We have two brands, Type R and Hyper sonic, each brand with its own characteristics suitable for different countries and market segments. The brands have been well received in Europe, America and Asia. Thanks to our solid brand images and the support of our excellent distributors and partners, we have enjoyed continual growth for the past 42 years.

New Item Development

In a competitive market where car accessories have almost become commodities, a supplier needs to bring something special to stand out from the crowd. O&K JAWS has chosen to stay ahead by focusing on product development.

Every month, O&K JAWS rolls out new items, coupled with rigorous and relentless quality control. We continuously look for other strong, reliable partners, and we hope that our products continue to receive support from old and new partners so our brands could become an icon of car accessories market.

Why Choose Us

Meet Your Target Quantity

Offer service even with small quantity order.

Satisfy All Your Request

Steady launch products & possesses 43-year experience.


Sharing product resources like videos, pictures, DM, passionately solving problem.


R&D department has professional knowledge and skill to fulfill customer's customized requirement.

Efficient & Saving Time

Almost 1000 kinds of products. One-stop shop service for a total solution.

Production Process

All products must pass a very strict quality control inspection, from raw material to the final product.


Insert card printing

Double blister

Metal processing

Material filling

Display stand

Paper carton

Product discussion

Anodizing, electroplating

Raw material

Electrical inspection


Spray paint

Product quality inspection



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