Windshield Wiper Stand for Car HP6436


  • 1. Function: Keep a certain distance between wiper and windshield to avoid damage due to high or low temperature, lasten windshield wiper longevity.
  • 2. Made by stainless steel spring.
  • 3. The wiper stand aid will automatically release when the wiper is used, you only need to stand them up after using for the next time use.
  • 4. You don't need to unload wiper to install wiper stand. You can adjust the wiper stand's height as your need. Only LL wiping direction is available.

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Taiwan
Brand Name: Hypersonic
Model Number: HP6436
Color: Black
Material: PC
Product dimension: 50*30*20mm
Package dimension: 186*82*23mm
Packaging: Double Blister
N.W.: 20.5g
G.W.: 40.5g

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail

Carton N.W: 2.7 KGS
Carton G.W: 3.2 KGS
CUFT: 0.72'

Delivery Detail

7-14 days for a sample / Within 45 days for big cargo


Windshield Wiper Stand for Car HP6436

Windshield Wiper Stand for Car HP6436

Windshield Wiper Stand for Car HP6436


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